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God has created this beautifull world and man made it unclean. we need to owe our gratitude to the great almighty for giving us such a beautifull world to live. our gratitude can be in the form of care & expression of love towards the world. this can be better done by keeping the environment clean.By doing so we would be respecting & worshipping the god.A clean enviroment gives us mental peace & creates an air of positivity around us.At personal level it helps us to maintain a good health & improve the quality of life that we live. Clean surroundings make our minds fresh & we are more open to the good things around us. it is not one man's job but each one of us must take care to see that cleanliness is maintained in & around us.Cleanliness creates a pure, sacred & holy ambience prompting our lives to walk on the path of goodness.