By inverse proportion
6:14 is as to 42: x
P.O.M= P.O.E

∴In 98 hrs 14 boys complete same work
hope my answer helped u!!! cheers.. 〷◠‿◠〷

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Hey the ans is wrong
when is the takes 6 boys gust 48 hrs, why will is the take 98 hrs for 14 boys?
As the work is already completed by 6 boys the 14 boys need not do anything to complete it.
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Ok. But still it's kinda funny
nice logic
Hmm thanks..! :)
they have to do that ..bcoz im saying :P
Watever use u r logic and thn ask do d work if 6 people builders builded a building nd if ask more 14 people tht same building so thn will they break the building