Here is a story about Swami and his grandmother. After reading the excerpt, change it into a conversation between Swami and his Grandmother.

After the night meal with his head on his granny's lap, nestling close to her, Swaminathan felt very snug and safe in the faint atmosphere of cardamom and cloves. 'Oh, Granny!' he cried ecstatically. 'You don't know what a great fellow Rajam is.' He told her the story of the first enmity between Rajam and Mani and the subsequent friendship. 'You know, he has a real police dress,' said Swaminathan. 'Is it? What does he want a police dress for?' asked Granny. 'His father is the Police Superintendent. He is the master of every policeman here.' Granny was impressed. She said that it must be a tremendous office indeed. She then recounted the days when her husband, Swaminathan's grandfather, was a powerful sub-magistrate, in which office he made the police force tremble before him and the fiercest dacoits of the place flee. Swaminathan waited impatiently for her to finish the story. But she went on, rambled, confused, mixed up various incidents that took place at different times. 'That will do, Granny,' he saidungraciously. 'Let me tell you something about Rajam. Do you know how many marks he gets in arithmetic?' 'He gets all the marks, does he, child?' asked Granny. 'No silly. He gets ninety marks out of one hundred.' 'Good. But you must also try and get marks like him. You know, Swami, your grandfather used to frighten the examiners with his answers sometimes. When he answered a question, he did it in a tenth of the time that others took to do it. And then, his answers would be so powerful that his teachers would give him two hundred marks sometimes. 'Oh, enough, Granny! You go on bothering about old unnecessary stories. Won't you listen to Rajam?' 'Yes, dear, yes.' 'Granny, when Rajam was a small boy, he killed a tiger.' Swaminatha

How I Taught My Grandmother to Read Class 9 - NCERT Solution - English



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Swami: No ridiculous. He gets marks out-of a hundred.
Grandma: Great. However, scars like him should also try to get. You realize, your grandmother used-to scare the investigators together with his solutions occasionally, Swami. He did it that others required to complete it while he responded a problem. After which, his solutions could be so effective that he would be given 200 scars by his academics occasionally.
You-go on worrying about previous tales that are needless. Wont you pay attention to Rajam?
Grandma: Yes dear yes.
Swami: Granny, he murdered a lion when Rajam was a little child. The dad of Rajam was hiking in a forest. He'd his boy with him. Two tigers discovered them abruptly, one banging down the daddy from behind. Another started pursuing Rajam, who shot it lifeless together with his weapon and got shelter. Granny, have you been sleeping?
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