a) In the beginning of the story, John A Pescud expresses his views against the best-sellers that deal with the love stories of 'American swell[s]' and royal princesses from a distant land. Ironically, Pescud's own love story is very much along the lines of those described in these best-sellers. The title of the story brings out this irony in a very apt manner: while claiming to dislike the hero of the best-seller "The Rose and Trevelyan", Pescud himself ends up becoming yet another Trevelyan.

Although, in these lines, Pescud is saying how in reality a man chooses the woman he wants to marry from her vicinity, rather, he goes on to marry a woman who is from Virginia, far away from his home. He follows her up to her home and then wins her over and convinces her father as well. While he is a middle class working professional, Jessie is the only daughter of the oldest family of her state who lives in a 50 rooms mansion. They are from different worlds and yet their paths met in a fantastic situation. They were unknown to each other and yet Pescud knew that she is the one just by seeing her. When reality befell on him it was way too different from what he had thought.

Trevelyan is the name of the hero in the novel that Pescud is reading when he met the author in the train. He goes on scathingly criticising the character of his romantic ways, as he appeared mushy romantic. However, once in love with Jessie, John himself goes on breaking all the rules to woo her and win her over. His own love story is nevertheless from that of Trevelyan.
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Trevelyan could be the label of the hero while in the story when he met with the author in the practice that Pescud is reading. As he appeared mushy romantic he continues scathingly criticising the character of his techniques. However, once deeply in love with Jessie, David herself continues on bursting all the guidelines get her over and to get her. His or her own love history is nevertheless from that of Trevelyan.
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