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I feel like i am much luckier to have someone to fight then those who don't have the blessings like siblings. When we fight them we don't realize that how much blessing is this but when we are alone we realize that feelings of having siblings as biggest blessing by God then Others.If brother sisters fight with each other then they don't take it serious ,they again play with each other as always. But when we fight with otherone then he/she or their parrents will take serious but fight between siblings no one can take serious and life continues happily as always..!

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Thanks dear.. :) May God Bless You. :)
At that time we think that we are write and but after someone we feel sorry about what we have said at that time
instead of write did u meant right
sometime instead of someone
sry jldi jldi me lkh dia haha
sry jldi jldi me lkh dia ha