He decided that if the baby is a boy then he would name him after the legendary American boxer, Mr. John L. Sullivan and if the baby is a girl then he would name her Marie, after Miss Marie Lloyd, a popular music artist. Mr. Bramber often admired legendary people and wanted to name his child after one of them.

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When he came to understand that he was about to be a father, he thought for the would-be baby boy or baby-girl. He wanted the kid ought to be named John, if a boy, following the legendary American boxer, Mr. John L. Sullivan (1858-1918), lasting the bareknuckle boxing championship; world heavyweight boxing champion from 1882-1892. When the infant be a lady, her Marie would be named by him, after Miss Marie Lloyd, music hall artist (1870-1922). At least one thing can be found by this: Mr. Bramble respected legends and wasn't only a boxer but also a patron of art. And of becoming a father, the excitement is really so substantially visible. Nevertheless, his wife proposed the title Harold for the infant son by stating that it was such a sweet name and Bramble's suggestion had been removed by he having the most great-humour.