Charles Hooper's appointment as Assistant National Sales Manager is considered to be a tribute to Duke as it was Duke who had helped Charles to stand on his feet again. After Charles had met with an accident and got his left side completely paralyzed, Duke stood day and night to look after him with great love and devotion towards his beloved master. This, hence, cured Hooper from his ailment.

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The finesse with which he realized the gentle problem of Chuck is extensive. It was not physiotherapy rather than some other substance or exercise that created Chuck stroll, but Duke and alone! Following the crash when Duke was brought back to household on Chuck's go back, the dog got only one event to know the ailment of his grasp. Your dog just must be hooked once causally and Duke with his leash along with the puppy turned resolute to generate his master stand on his toes. It was Duke who created Charles Hooper took the obligation convey him back as well as to consider Charles Hooper for the workplace and accomplish work despite all possibilities. Dukeis also that after thirteen months Hooper was endorsed to Regional Manager protecting over four states although it was not simply Chuck's yoga. Individuals of their neighborhood, they shifted into, didn't know the narrative of Duke and Chuck. “All they knew was that their new neighbor wandered such as a struggling mechanical giant and that he was always ripped by way of a rampageous pet that served like he owned the man.” After some time when Chuck was offered to Associate National Sales Manager, what written by the headquarters of the chemical firm mentioned, “... Consequently, to advance our targets detailed, Charles Hooper is appointed Associate National Sales as all understood that without Duke it would impossible for Chuck to generate such speedy progress and homage Hooper's advertising.
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