Private Quelch, just another soldier in the platoon, who thought not so of himself; too much learned to be a student, he was called ‘The Professor’ by his mates.He had thorough knowledge about almost everything.He had an ambition to get commission in the army. He borrowed training and studied them till late in the night. He corrected the Sergeant and answered all his questions promptly and correctly. He gave an excellent lecture when asked by Corporal Turnbull. His salute at the pay table was a model to behold. The orderly officer praised him generously because Quelch kept his hut meticulously clean. He was tireless after long route marches and liked to sing. He surprised his colleagues by recognizing an aircraft by its harsh noise that others could not recognize.
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Private Quelch, merely another soldier in the platoon, who believed not so of himself; also significantly discovered to be a student, he was called 'The Professor' by his partners. Quelch's understanding was not more than extraordinary; nevertheless, his qualities were under shadowed by his haughtiness. Himself was open in when he wanted for consent and usually broke and not required. He was one guy who patronised himself and fancied his own whims. Knowledge, though he had, Quelch didn't possess etiquette. Like somebody who came un-invited, The Professor would exhibit his understanding from time to time, in front of his mates, juniors, seniors. He considered himself to be respected for his learning and his trust, yet, his seniors cared little for him. Doom was brought by him by trifling with Corporal Turnbull who assigned long-lasting cookhouse duties to Quelch to educate a lesson to him. However, The Professor had some thing to be respected for, his firm approach. Himself was still essential and condescending of individuals around him.