Mrs. Bramble had never liked the boxing profession of Mr. Bramble but the final fight with Jimmy Murphy could get them 500 pounds if he wins and 120 pounds if he lost. Mrs. Bramble had thought that the amount they would earn would help in giving Harold a better future.

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Mrs. Bramble was additionally concerned about Harold visiting understand about his father's profession. But there were other issues too that she was worried about. Although Mrs. Bramble never liked Mr. Bramble's occupation but the fact remained that it earned them a a great deal of of cash, which made it simple to allow them to supply Harold with the best of education till now. Mrs. Bramble even noted that the instruction they've supplied to Harold was as good as education provided to a Duke. Even if he dropped, nevertheless he'd happen to be given a hundred and twenty pounds that will have been enough to Harold for them a great start. Mrs. Bramble was so troubled about how Harold was to handle her son's education. Harold's monetary stresses were affecting her deeply. She was so certain of the amount of money that Mr. Bramble was to buy the next week-over his triumph she had been celebrating in her heart and the news of him quitting the fight broke all her hopes of a better tomorrow.