First of all professor corrected and told the exact muzzle velocity of the rifle to the sergeant. Later on put a series Q to him, perhaps as revenge, which were all answered by the Professor correctly. he answered the Q with perfect technical definitions, detail about the parts of rifles, its uses and ways to care for a rifle. He even told the Sergeant that he knew all this because of his intelligent reading.  
The Sergeant delivered musketry's first lecture. The Sergeant was instructing the mechanism of a support rifle. The Sergeant was describing the muzzle velocity or speed of a bullet when it leaves the rifle, he explained, it "is well over two thousand feet per second." However, The Professor needed to demonstrate his knowledge, so went on correcting the Sergeant using the exact amount, which is "twothousand, four hundred and forty feet per second." After, Private Quelch was asked by the Sergeant, if he had any coaching before. The Professor answered using a phrase which was to become recognizable to the entire platoon; he said, "No, Sergeant. It is all an issue of intelligent reading." Subsequently it was it, all were introduced to Private Quelch's knowledge, "he had brains". Along with the author narrates that "he was sure to get a commission before long and as a first step, he meant to get a stripe."