(As a alien)

Earth is such a wonderful planet. There are many trees. I have met some diffrent type of creatures they are totally diffrent from me. They call me Aliens. some people are good some are bad some friendly some are jealous some are beautiful some are ugly. Over here the master God lives. he is v. great. our planet is totally differt from Earth
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Today i landed on a wierd but beautiful place. it was so colourful that i had never seen so much colours in my life yet . it was full of different life forms which were really far different from each other. some were so small that cant be and some were so giant.after some investigation i found it is called earth. there i met a organism which were quite different they were communicating with each other more easily than others. they are called humans and most intelligent animal of all. they were very advanced in technology and they helped me to reach my planet back. i am really thankful to them. i would really want to visit there again with my friends.
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