Though duke was a dog, he understood that his master and his problem. he helped him to the extent possible.

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Duke proved to be a tough playing Doberman Pinscher. Chuck met the mishap and was brought home when Duke also was introduced straight back in the kennel. The dog jumped over the belt in delight on Chuck. Chuck could not balance, therefore struggled to preserve it. That was it, Duke understood what had occurred. Then on never jumped on him and took a place beside the mattress of his master. He felt his master's fine state and after he was the principal agent in the development of Chuck's state. In the narrative, it looks like Duke understood Hooper would come up and poke at Chuck's left-arm and make an effort to lift it up, what had occurred to him. One night while the puppy was cajoling his grasp Hooper that billed the puppy and hooked leash along with his great hand. The very first time, it was only couple of measures till the wheelchair. They were a-team now. Hooper's neighbourhood folks say the Dog understood what his duty was. They'd a remarkable coordination. Slowly Hooper did not need physical therapy farther and became completely influenced by Duke. It was Duke alone. Then the narrator states that the narrator considered that Duke understood, although the single thing that he says he was uncertain of was whether Duke understood what he was doing.