Private Quelch looked like a 'Professor' when the author first met him at the training depot. Why?

The Man Who Knew Too Much Class 9 - NCERT Solution - English

Private Quelch looked like a professor when the author first met him at the training depot.He was lanky,stooping and frowning through his horn - rimmed spectacles.His habit of sermonising, giving lectures and his knowledge earn him the nickname of Professor.A five minute conversation with him would bring out his debating skills and abilities.All these traits were seen in university professors. 


Private Quelch has a lanky body, strooping and frowning through horn-rimmed spectacles. Moreover, his habit of sermonising on any topic was a trait found in university professors.
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Quelch seemed lanky frowning through horn rimmed spectacles as well as the storyteller comprehended why the man was identified as The Professor, when Private Quelch was first seen by the storyteller in the training storage. The storyteller likewise said that if anyone had any doubts on the topic, a five minutes conversation would clear it all. Private Quelch put his 1st impression in the initial musketry course where he continued correcting the Sergeant on the muzzle velocity or rate where a bullet leaves a rifle, and how on being challenged by the Sergeant, The Professor boasted about his "intelligent reading". It turned out to be a phrase that became recognizable to the platoon. That was intro of Quelch.
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