No, Quelch didn't learn lesson because when the narrator and his friends went to canteen they heard a familiar voice of professor shouting at the unhygienic way of peeling potatoes.
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Long-lasting cookhouse obligations to The Professor's duty was a big setback to him. Nevertheless, the instalment was learnt little from by Quelch and off his information to his partners and showed remained critical in his approach towards his partners. The day when the storyteller was returning with his buddy to his hut he heard The Professor was going on telling cooks how unscientific and unhygienic is the method of peeling potatoes. He tried to explain to them the essential vitamins were lost like this. The narrator declared that he'll protest from the process. The scene makes it clear that personal Quelch was an inflexible, never to shift individual who never enhanced himself and just knew how exactly to criticise others.
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