When a person loses something, he is shocked and gets into a state of denial leading to anger. In such a situation coping well leads to acceptance and a changed way of living in view of the loss. Taking cues from what happened or might have happened with Hooper, write your views in the form of an article about 'Coping with Loss' in 150-175 words.

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- Nonetheless easy it might seem to deal up having a decline, just the person undergoing the emotional upheaval can have the pain;
- Influences interpersonal private and mental security;
- the sadness is extreme, When you love someone or something that is very valuable for your requirements;
- It can be horrifying and really unsettling to manage up having even a turmoil or a reduction or even a living-changing event;
- Conversing With even a partner will help to a great deal or an incredibly close friend;
- Counselling and healthy advice on dealing with a mishap may help;
- Isolation is never a solution to cure sadness. Face the loss;
- Let your pain come out in all the possible varieties;
- Distract yourself with individuals you like to talk and items you want to do to;
- Allow time to recover.
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