Of late it has been found that students remain absent from school for trivial reasons and are not much interested in learning. Write a speech in about 150 words ,on the significance of education .Base it on a fact of what the absence or presence of education can do. Please answer fast.its urgent I need it today itself!!!



Education is very important in life. We need it to survive. We can get really good jobs with education and that is very important. But there are also some cons.. We are brainwashed and forced to learn some schools. Some other schools teach well with activity involved but sometimes its not the way we wan't to be teached. Surely we do need to study to get good grades.. But sometimes we are limited to only that. As children we need to be free. And most importantly have fun. If we are pushed away from our childhood and made into adults before we even started our childhood. It is very important to be educated, Yes, but what is more important is to be free, Not to be forced to do things. That is why children are least interested in studies. So we conclude that we are not to be forced to study. And we need to be free.
thank you. :)