Its a 5 digit number where…1st digit denotes how many zeroes are there in the number2nd digit denotes how many ones are there in the number3rd digit denotes how many twos are there in the number4th digit denotes how many threes are there in the number5th digit denotes how many fives are there in the numberCan you guess the number?



Let us imagine there are four 0’s, so the number should be 40000, but this violates that the 5th digit tells how many 4’s are there.

Now let us imagine that there are three 0’s then the number can be 30010, but this also violates that the 2nd digit tells the number of 1’s

Now if there are two 0’s then 21200 satisfies all the conditions.

Thus, your answer is 21200

Hope i helped you! :)
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