Siddhartha once was a boy of a powerful king. One day, he was roaming around when he found... a question, I don't know what? but he wanted the answer of that question, so he  went out of the palace, into the woods to search for the he sat there under a tree, he felt the cool breeze, sound of animals, gurgling streams, chirping birds etc. He felt so touched by the feeling of nature outside the four walls of his palace, he was overwhelmed, and felt the need to be a pure personality, other valuing riches and all, he wanted and became a saint and peacemaker as you said. H e was then known as Gautama Buddha.  
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Gautam Buddha epitomises sacrifice of the material world for the spiritual world. This is true of all spiritual beings that walk this earth and wish well for mankind. Their compassion for humanity knows no bounds. They do not see evil in others like we do. 

Buddha was born a prince and lived in a lap of luxury. His parents made sure he did not expereince unhappiness. 

One day while traveling he noticed a sad person, an old and shrivelled person, a beggar, and someone who had died. This became the turning point ot seek answer to our eternal question - why are we here? What is the purpose of life? 

In one of his past birth (souls take rebirth in different creatures), he was a legendary white elephant with 6 tusks. Hunters closed in on him, and he simply walked up to them, pulled out his tusks one by one and offered them, finally resulting in his death. This supreme self-sacrifice was to prevent hunters from sinning, and shocking them into thinking of their own actions, as well as immediately protecting his herd who would then not be hunted. 

Many of his earlier birth stories will make for a good paper. 
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