If we find good manners in child then it just takes our mind to their parrents, Teachers ,friends and society where he grows up, because they are the main cause of child's attitude and manners which he/she applied.If a child's parrents are of good manners then their children have also have that,As we say that the child's first learning is from their parrents.Like that a teacher is also responsible for that, because he teaches him/her about every thing even manners.Then the gathering of child is most important that where and with whome he ups sits,it also cause of childs behavior,as if child's gattering will be good then we find good results of it. Then the main thing is society, as he/she go outside anywhere he applies much habbits from there,but it is our responsibility to tell him/her about whats wrong whats right, and what to pick and what to ignore. So in completely depends on us to select right choices to see the right result,which is more importand for a child to be good mannerable..!

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