Colours are much beautiful need of our life.To Live a Happy life we need colours to fill in it, infact in any way, as to use them in making life Or to use them in describing someones life, describing happiness or sadnes, alonelyness or gatherings, enemies or friends, to define any thing we need colours.Memories just made due to the colours, as some have beautiful and some have dark.Colours are more needed to fill a life, without them life is nothing. We can see the colours in many ways, as from friends, from families, from relatives and from the loved ones.So colours have biggest importance in life. We just have to realize them on right time, then we will feel their importance in our lives. <3

Colors are things through which we can make a pencil drawing more beautiful.
They make our drawing look fabulous,marvelous and more attractive.
Everything look likes so dull without colors.
They make our drawing look bright.
Imagine if there were no colors then,our world will look like?
It will look like a very dirty and dull.