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In the girl`s reply "my name is “20year6month", that is the first clue. And the other clue is this message "the answer is in the message". So using those clues, translate the "Year" and "Month" to Hindi Language. English language: Year Hindi language: "SAL" English language: Month Hindi language: "MAH" 1st word "SAL" a 2nd word "MAH" Combine the two and it will become "SALMAH". So "SALMAH" is the Hindi girl`s name.

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It is for clue
same to u
i have posted a better answer 
20 Year 6 months can be written as 20.5 years

20.5 = 41/2

41 in hindi is Ektaalis
So half of Ektaalis is Ekta

The name of the girl is Ekta
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