Chemistry is used in everyday life, from making food to breathing air. Chemical reactions are what creates life, makes food into energy, and even what causes food to rot. When you balance equations, you are learning the amount of elements used in the reactants, or found in the products. If you do not balance the equation, you will only know what you started with, and not the final product.What Does it Mean to Balance Equations?Chemistry is just like math when it comes to balancing equations. You want both sides of the equation to be the same. In Chemistry, this is done by making sure all atoms in your products can be found in the reactants.What is the Reactant in an Equation?In a chemistry equation, the reactant is the material you start with. For example, when making water, your reactants would be two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The more complex the equation, the more reactants will be present.
this i also know give me one example by making a balenced equation with proper steps
2FeSO4 - Fe2O3+SO2+SO3
yes it is right equation
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 In this page we are going to discuss about structure of the atom concept . The outermost shell of an atom is called its Valence shell. It is the decisive shell during a chemical reaction. The electrons of only this outermost shell are involved during chemical combinations; electrons are either given out from the outermost shell, or accepted into the outermost shell, or shared with the electrons in the outermost shell of another element.

C5H12+8O2⇒5CO2+6H2O  answer

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