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1.The haunted house.......
2.What happens to the family?
3.who is it?
4.the house of danger.......
5.the silence........

hope such titles help the story look more interesting..
hope this helps you pls mark as best.
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there are many titles you can use but few are given below you can select any one of them :
1. haunted like never seen.
2. haunted house and the family.
3. living in an haunted house.
4. haunted it is but never know about it.
5. haunted house to live.

hope all the titles are good and useful.........^_^  !!!
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hey all the titles of the books would be in the same way
4.but never known
they would be catchy to read
but teachers wont look for the catchyness...............there should be no grammatical mistakes
they would see the catchiness only mostly