Systolic: means contraction of heart muscles.
diastole: means relaxation of heart muscles
there are three phases in cardiac cycle; that are joint diastole; atrial systole; ventricular systole.
joint diastole:during this phase all the four chambers of heart are relaxes. right atrium recieves deoxygeneted blood from viens (vena cava). left atrium recieves oxygeneted blood from pulmonary veins.

atrial systole: right atrium pours blood in right ventricle and left atrium pours blood to left ventricle.

ventricular systole: right ventricle pumps blood to lungs through pulmonary artery. left ventricle pumps blood to all body organs through aorta.

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when our heart beats , it contracts and pushes blood through the arteries to the rest of the body. This force creates pressure on the walls of the arteries. This is called systolic blood pressure.

It's opposite is diastolic blood pressure