Absolutely no .Because school uniform is one that creates a feeling of equality between the students and coming straight away to the point if school uniform is banned u will be seeing many students coming to school with different dresses some with high jack , some with normal , some with torn and some girls may wear  short skirts and all, which could create many soughts of disturbances and inequalities that poor and rich..Hence school uniform is compulsory to show that all are equal doesnt matter what people be outside the school premises..

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1) School uniform should not be banned because uniform describe the students.
2) No one will recognize students if no uniform, as it is a symbol for those who study.
3) Uniforms are being made for students to not so up fancy dresses to the society.

 1) It is wastage of money.
2) Some peoples can't buy this for their children's.
3) Uniforms are also made up of clothes which are worn by students.
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