Swach bharath is the mission started by the honourable versatile prime minister of India Narendra Modi who memorated Gandhiji for this mission..The mission's aim is to clean up India and build up toilets everywhere so that there would no further diseases due to un cleanliness .. and youth and schoolstudents must just do i t from their heart that my Iindia must be clean one.. I mean to  say you might find a paper and leaves on the road .. oyu must pick them up throw it in the garbage area ..every student and young people should develop their mindsets in this way which results in India in clean and diseases free India .we must educate the village people of urinating and excreting outside which would effect in many ways.. slap and teach the people urinating outside.. that's it for youth and student's which is enough for a clean India ..

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The swachh bharat mission is the program started by our honerable prime minister narendra modi and this program to achive success is not a easy task.all the people of india have to participate inorder make india clean that is to make it a swachh bharat.
              When it comes to the role of the youths and school students , they can do a lot to this mission like,
Youths are known as backbone of a country and as the building blocks so  we [youths ] can make people aware about this and can tell them the importance of cleanliness.When it comes to the school kids they can actually plan for posters,street plays,skits,dramas,mime shows,songs on importance of cleanliness and the need for the swacch bharat abhiyan to achive its sucess.
                  Also can start the mission at their homes before taking it to the society that is segregation of wastes into dry and wet i.e can keep vegetable wastes and other fruit waste as wet and plastics as dry.also can grow organic crops in their home gardens with theese kitchen wastes.
   Also dont throw waste in rivers or any water bodies and keep them clean.
I Would like to tell u that in achiving success of this mission youths and childern have a major role as india has a large number of youth population as if youths decide they wil help in this mission for sure it is possible to achive it.
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