"Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have." Churchil

Although Article 51A  of constitution mentions about Fundamental Duties a good citizen should follow, some other points which can be expanded for essay are:

Respect Authority and obey Laws -Don't break laws and additionally refrain others for doing so. Constitutional methods to improve the Law if not filled by any Law use.

Social and civil Responsibility must be performed-Be conscious about the issues affecting the society and offer them with solutions,

Keep your environment and locality clean,Use Dustbin,Care for Public Property along with Other People's Property.

Be Honest for your State and Fellow Citizen

Create a deep awareness of Patriotism towards you Country,

Respect your Nation's Social and Economic Policies,Consistently bring about the Wellbeing of our Country.

Must have the ability to educate the Younger Generation to show Respect and Love to the Nation.

When seeing other Countries, speaking good about your nation, make your country Proud.

Help Destitute and the Poor and Supply Hospitality that is great to Local and Foreign Tourist.
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