Today, the Constitution plays numerous parts in our society. Let us take a look at two of the very most important.

First, the Constitution serves as the "rule book" for our government. It establishes what cannot and authorities can do. The Supreme Court has ruled over Govt. choices several time is an evidence of this.

Second, the Constitution serves as some ideals which our society should live by. People on all sides of political disagreements try to work with constitutional ideals to protect their side of an argument.

Nowadays, the Constitution is used both as a legal document so that as a group of ideals in our society.

Some other roles we see everyday are:
1) Freedom of speech.
2) Freedom to travel
3) Freedom to choose religion/beliefs of one's own choice
4) Right to carry arms

The constitution can be an instrument of control, because it assists the government to control itself and helps a government. It can help by separating forces of the three hands of government in setting restrictions for the executive and also your judiciary. The constitution performs an important role in guarding human rights as contained in the Fundamental Rights.
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Constitution of india has 3 body
legislative=it makes laws
executive=checks the laws
judiciary=also checks laws
so, there is a checks and balance.
people have freedom on each and every aspects
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