He Constitution of India has some features that are distinctive and distinct as compared to other constitutions to the world.

Longest written constitution
Indian Constitution could be called the largest written constitution in the world due to its contents. In its first form, it consisted of 8 Programs and 395 Articles to which improvements are made through subsequent amendments. At present it includes 395 Posts and 12 Schedules, and more than 80 changes.

Partly Rigid and Partly Flexible
The Constitution of India is purely rigid nor simply adaptive. There is a harmonious mixture of flexibility and rigidity. Some parts of the Constitution may be amended by the average law-making process by Parliament. When a Bill for that purpose is passed in each house of Parliament by a majority of the total membership of this house and, certain provisions can be amended. By most not less than two third of the members of that house present and voting.

A Democratic Republic
This means that sovereignty rests with the people of India. They rule themselves through their representatives elected on the idea of universal adult franchise. The President of India, the first official of the state is elected for a term that was given. Her membership of the Commonwealth will not compromise her position as a sovereign republic.

An Independent Judiciary
The judiciary occupies an essential place in our Constitution and it's also also made independent of the executive along with the legislature. The Supreme Court of India stands in the apex of judicial system that is incorporated that is single. It acts as protector of guardian of the Constitution and fundamental rights of Indian citizens.

Single Citizenship
The Constitution of India recognises only single citizenship. In America, there is provision of dual citizenship. Of the respective states to which we belong, we are citizens of India only, not in India. This provision would assist in encouraging integrity and unity of the nation.
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