1- Books are the child best guides. They lead a pupil towards the way of truth and knowledge, the reader is taken to a different world of literature, facts, myths and etc. Books may cheer you up, excite you, fill you with enthusiasm etc. , but are never going to do anything bad to you.  Books help us to enhance our brain and make us more likely to get jobs etc., books are the best friends of our brain.

2-Books are a safer and fun filled way of adventure, it prevents you from actually like really seeking into the harmful wildlife for some you know REAL adventure, the keep you seated you on the sofa, but take you to different places like Amazon for the description of wildlife, on dangerous(not to you!) worlds to seek a visit to the fire breathing dragon or to the Barbie world to tour around with a girl. Books are the safest ways of adventure!

3-Books are as well are our  guiding stars as well as friends and companions of life. Books will never guide you to the world of misfits and lies. They always have been helpful and useful, never done any harm, in a lovely way, sitting on your desk, and providing help whenever needed. Books are really helpful to all, you and me!

hope this helps!

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