Concave Lens:
(1)  The reflecting surface of the concave mirror is bulged inwards.
(2) Concave mirror produces real and inverted images (except when the object is placed between pole and focus. When the object is placed between F and P, concave mirror produces virtual and erect image).
(3) The image formed by the concave mirror may be enlarged or diminished, according to the position of the object.
(4) It is thick in the middle and thin at the edges
(5) It converges the incident rays towards the principal axis.
(6) It has a real

Convex Mirror:
(1) But the reflecting surface of the convex mirror is bulged outwards.
(2) But the convex mirror always produces virtual and erect images.
(3) The image formed by the convex mirror will be always diminished.
(4)It is thin in the middle and thick at the edges
 It diverges the incident rays away from the principal axis.
It has a virtual focus.
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