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Independent India's own constitution on 26 January 1950 was applied. According to the Constitution, the republic was proclaimed state Gntntri system. Constitution while England, America, France and the nations were Rco received many good things from the constitution. The Indian Constitution, the Constitution of the world's best is accepted. The biggest feature of the Constitution is considered one of the country have been declared state religion -nirpeksh.
According to the announcement, all religions, castes, classes will be treated equally. The conduct and behavior to suit their beliefs - will complete freedom. No State shall present any kind of interference or obstruction. All you wish to adopt the method of worship will also complete freedom.
Behavior-behavior that all people of the state will facilitate growth and equal opportunity to all to gain. The Constitution says that all things look good. Constitution gender, gender equality, etc., should be treated equally also provides processing.

The equal rights of men and women in the entire property accepts. Treated equally to all these things seem very nice and attractive. In the light of all these similarities to India 'secular state' was declared justified. However, the actual What is this religion -nirpekshta, religion -nirpeksh What is or should say the constitution-makers have forgotten to define it.

Secularism is the real meaning of the shoulder not stick with any one religion, not to be less religious. Therefore if the proper interpretation of the term provided in the Constitution. The Indian Constitution envisages a holistic and universal state is supposed to uphold. Says a national matter with full force.

With all the similarities, tells him the equal treatment point of Km. But it came down to the large discrepancy countrymen simply "Indian" not telling them the majority, minority, Tribes, Scheduled Castes are divided into several discriminatory mines.
And assume that in the same breath say 'secular' and 'nation' 'Same nationality "with things like, how can match? Khi not so much, 'Alpasnrshpak' class under the Constitution almost all religions, castes, classes, subclasses etc. that were counted were not Hindu or longer.
The clear indication is that the meaning and automatically - 'non-discriminatory' Indian Constitution in fact saying: 'discriminating' vision and adopted a 'Indianness' is divided into several segments. Not only here for the majority and minority in social action processes, practices and legal regimes have been maintained unto Bised. As a result of laws passed by the Constituent Assembly or the Parliament can not be applied equally to all countries.

As a result of the conditions to be a great natural discontent and estrangement - is. Considered one of the best constitutions in the world, this one should be called the Constitution, as per a -hokr Sshi Indians are also not many. Only then one class, religion or race are vaccinated in the Constitution to keep the current changing circumstances, new life and religion -warghin Vidupta of his own society, not necessarily friendly or exposed Harte the appeasement policies and highlighting clearly discriminatory] Aia can not use that as the right way, be able to create other streams-Updharaaa are added.
Thus the ruling class as the guardian of the Constitution in fact here is that contempt. Assuming it is, how best constitution. There is no doubt that the Indian Constitution has many good basic things. Vidup the southern limits of the above considerations that are clear. 5 Address of the original version of the Kia not the correct interpretation of the Constitution and vote for grabbing power in a chair by the ruling class  are arbitrary.

If only for the Constitution 'Shartiy' using the term -nonunion many rules enforced uniformly, then surely his superiority may continue, otherwise it will be scattered along the country's Shiraz.

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