Present situation r harming animals very badly. many men to satisfy their greed poach animals . they do it for their pleasure. some do it to earn their livelihood. due to this the no. of fauna on earth is reducing. there is  a threat to fauna. to protect them govts. have set up santuaries. they help in protecting animals from poaching and ensure good health and maintenance for them. natural habitat would b ensured and the area would b covered with a big boundary wall so that no 1 can enter in and no animal can escape . in this way they protect the biodiversity .
 The role of sanctuaries;;- Wildlife Sanctuaries are usually very involved with the education of the public about endangered species. A sanctuary is a place where injured local wildlife can be taken for rehabilitation. The goal is for the animals to be treated and released. But sometimes the injuries are too bad for them to function in the wild, so they are given a home at the sanctuary. Many of these animals are endangered species, so the sanctuary is doing its part to preserve the species. The goal is to keep the species going, through breeding or caring for injured adults. And when their natural habitat is preserved better the offspring can be released
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