the conversation goes on like this :

son : dad I am really sorry for my failure in the exam

father : how can I leave you like this only I am not going to spare this any more.

son : then dad what are you going to do with me ? I really don't want to go to any tuition at all.

father : (harshly) then what can I do son ? this is the only way in which you can improve your self.

son : dad I can read on my own and even I can get good marks dad. this nothing that I should read by going to the tuitions.

father : but no other was you have to go to the tuitions or at least I can arrange an home mentor so that you can do all your works by sitting at home.

son : how can I do that dad. I would not be having at that time interest also.

father : it is nothing like that, you can do it you have to go to tuitions, at that time at least you can do all your works easily and faster and you would get good marks at that time at least.

hope so my answer is useful......^_^  !!!
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Father-how does it happen u never fail in ur xams before
son- dady im sorry for this , this year xam is very tough nd i have not prepared for it bfore well
father- but why son
son- bcze i bcome too ill in these days
father - no son , i think the reason is not that.
son - yes dady the reason is not this
father-so what is the reason
son - dad in the school i made some bad frnds so from the influence of them i become bad in the studies
father-son,i told u earlier that a bad policy became a good prson bad.
son - sry dad but from nxt time i do my bst ,i promise
father-/ok beta i trust on u