Cant give a whole speech, here are some points that might help.

Women r always considered weak n frail, and r always kept as servants and cooks and all.

Women r now upgrading their downcast status.

Women have always been sexually harassed and treated as entertainment like kings used to have many queens.

Women r now fighting against theses harassments and ill treatments and all.

Women r now equally strong as men.

Some women like the great boxer Mary Kom, have made women proud.

Women r now also good in studies.

Women r also now in important involvement like NASA and all.

Ultimately, women r doing great in developing.


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The woman are becoming powerful these days. they are fighting for their right . but earlier and in some  places today also they are treated as a cook, maid and a housewife.
but they are equally strong than men in every field whether it is a play ground. or at NASA. like Saina nehwal , she is a great badminton player . Mary kom a strong boxer. sunita williams an astronaut. Indira gandhi , our first lady prime minister of india. so we can say that the women are equally strong and responsible as men . they could be even better than a man also 
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यों तो नारी सशक्तीकरण का नारा हर राजनेता, राजनीतिक पार्टी और समाज सुधारक लगाता है, लेकिन इसका सजीव उदाहरण हमें गुजरात में देखने को मिलता है।
ऐसा बिलकुल नही है कि आज मेरे उपर Vibrant Gujarat का रंग चढा हुआ है या मै नरेन्द्र मोदी का चाहने वाला हूँ। नारी सशक्तीकरण की दिशा में गुजरात मे राजनीतिक ईच्छा शक्ति की हालत का मुझे पता नही है। मेरे हिसाब से गुजरात की सशक्त नारी के पीछे है वहाँ का सामाजिक परिवेश।गुजरात एक ऐसा राज्य है जहाँ से काफी पुरूष काम काज के सिलसिले में विदेश चले जाते हैं। मजबुरन औ
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