One bad apple is accidentally mixed with some good apples in a basket. As a result of which 25% of the total apples go bad. Now the number of good apples in the basket is 30. Find the number of good apples kept in the basket previously. What will happen if one bad person is mixed with some good ones?




%age of bad apples = 25%
%age of good apples = 100%-25%

total apples = 75/100 of x = 30
                   = 40

good apples = 75/100 of 40
                     = 30
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Sorry i told u ₹360 it is 39
But i m not understanding why it is coming 40.
see total apples we supposed x
then we have to balance on both sides of equal to sign
Ok now i must discuss it with my teacher.
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see...25% apple is bad..means 75% is good and is equals to 100% will be 40, And removing the bad one it will be 39 
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