CLASS IX ( SOLUTION OF BIOLOGY PART) FA3 EXAMSection B (Biology)Q5. Write the name of largest phylum of Animalia kingdom.Ans. ArthropodaQ6. Which group of plants is known as “Amphibians of Plantae kingdom” and why?Ans. Bryophyta, because members of this group live on land as well as in water. Q7. What is the concept of Binomial Nomenclature? Explain and write the rules also.Ans. Scientific naming of living organisms is known as Binomial Nomenclature. It was given by    Carolous Linnaeus.Rules: 1. Each scientific name has two epithets, each of them should be underlined separately.2. Each scientific name should be in ITALICS if printed.3. First name should be started with Capital letter and Second name should be startedwith small letter. Q8.A. Write the name of kingdom in which bacteria are kept in five kingdom system. Give one example of this kingdom.Ans. Monera; Mycoplasma B. Write the name of group of plants with naked seeds. Give one example of this group.Ans. Gymnosperms; Cycas,Pinus etc.C. Write the names of two scientists who proposed five kingdom system.Ans. Carl Woose & R H Whittaker Q9. Write the name of phylum of following animals:                                                                                        4i)Starfish – ECHINODERMATAii) Bat –  MAMMALIA OF VERTEBRATAiii) Hydra – COELENTRATAiv) Unio- MOLLUSCAv) Earthworm    – ANNELIDAvi) Cockroach     – ARTHROPODAvii) Balanoglossus – PROTOCHORDATAviii) Sycon – PORIFERA