"Hey shoo shoo shoo..." The priest shouted as a dog barked and ran towards him to snatch the bag of sweets.'Run away, you fool.""Oh... lord please save me."shouted the priest. The bag of sweets fell from the priests hands as the dog barked. The dog happily started eating."If i can't get ti then you also can not." he picked up the bag and threw it away. The dog became upset and quietly walked away. The priest noticed that the dog was without a tail, because he was angry so he went. During night, while the priest was reading a book of the kind squirrel which gets struck in a cruel man's house. While, he was reading he remembered the dog and became upset and slept. Whiole he was sleeping he dreamt that a there was a squirrel. The squrrel explained him that he should not have done such thing with a poor dog. he also must have felt bad.
The priest undrestood his mistake. The next morning when he woke up,he remembered the saying of the squirrel and went to the dog. He gave the dog a large piece of fresh meat. They both soon became friends
its an amazing story
thnx a lot...
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