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Advantages of Mendeleev's Periodic table :- 

⇒ It was the base of Modern Periodic Table.
⇒ He left the empty spaces for the elements which could be known in the near future.
⇒He placed the noble gases on a corner of the table.
⇒Elements discovered by him shows similar chemical properties.

Disadvantages of Mendeleev's Periodic Table :- 

⇒Elements were placed in wrong order of their atomic Masses.
⇒ He could not explain the position of Hydrogen.
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Heya!  Medeleevs periodic table didnt have zero group...It was added later onn
And he didnt discover elementss.they were discovered later on..He just left spaces for 'em
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Advantages >
|> His table formed the base for Modern periodic Table.
|> He left Blank spaces for appropriate elements.
|> It showed regular gradartion in physical and chemical properties of elements.

Disadvantages >
|> It could not define proper position for Hydrogen.
|> It was based on atomic masses of elements.For that an isotope of an element had to be placed differently.

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