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mam naam _______ asti. 
 mam pitu nam___________ asti.
mam bhathru nam ______ asti. (my name is ____)
ahem ______ kakshayam pathami.(i study in class ____)
mam vidyalayasya naam __________ asti.(my school 's name is _______)
ahem _______ varshasya asti.(i am ____ years old)
mam janmadinah ___________ dinankeh asti.(my birthday is on ______ date)
mam janmasthalah _______ asti.(my birthplace is )

Mama chalanachitram drashtum, pustaka patanam pryam 
Aham vaidya: bhavishyaami
aham gruhe vasati
mama priyaha mitraaha _________ asti
aham saha pathinaha snehen pathami.

sorry i could write only this much . hope it helps

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