A stone is dropped from a building and 2 seconds later another stone is dropped.How far apart are these two stones by the time the first one has reached at a speed of 30 m/s?(Take g=10m/s²)

pls say whether the answer is 40m or not...........so that i'll be able to answer your question
I know the options are 80m,100m,60m,40m
ok then i can give my answer


we know that .........
v=gt for freely falling bodies.
for 1st stone,
t=3 sec.
we know,
s=1/2  gt²  for ffb
for 1st stone,
s=1/2  10 * 3²
  =45 m.
for second stone,
t=3-2=1sec.  because it was thrown
2 sec late.

s=1/2  gt²
  =1/2  10 *1²
  =5 m.
difference  in distance = 45 - 5 =40m.

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