Normally during the regular eclipses the rays of the Sun and Moon are harmful, both according to the Hindu scriptures and the scientists, hence it is advisable not to look at them directly with naked eyes and exposing yourself to their light – especially the pregnant ladies.The scriptures also advise not to eat or drink anything during the eclipse timeThe eclipse period is an excellent time to worship God. Any recital, or any Mantra chanting or Pooja done during the eclipse time, will yield many times more results than the normal days.The media and the astrologers make terrible predictions and terrify the common man. Nothing has happened to India or the world during many of the past eclipses. During a recent eclipse which took place in Karka/Cancer sign and Pushyami star, they said it is a terrible time for all people born in this sign and star. I am born in Karka/Cancer sign and my birth star is Pushyami and nothing happend to me. I have been studying and practicing astrology for more than 27 years. So if I am not worried, you too stop worrying about the eclipses and enjoy them.