Private Quelch, just another soldier in the platoon, who thought not so of himself; too much learned to be a student, he was called 'The Professor' by his mates. Quelch's knowledge was more than ordinary; however, his arrogance under shadowed his qualities. He was outspoken and never required for permission and usually broke in when he wished. He was one man who fancied his own whims and patronised himself. Knowledge, though he had, Quelch did not possess etiquette. Like someone who came uninvited, The Professor would exhibit his knowledge every now and then, in front of his mates, juniors, seniors. He was known for his attitude and all lived in his terror. He believed himself to be admired for his confidence and his learning, however, his seniors cared little for him. He brought doom to himself by trifling with Corporal Turnbull who assigned permanent cookhouse duties to Quelch to teach him a lesson. However, The Professor had something to be admired for, his rigid attitude. He was still condescending and critical of people around him.
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