The Constitution is of crucial importance for every person who lives in South Africa for the following reasons:It guarantees our most basic rights, including our right to life, freedom, property and to participate freely in our democratic system.It articulates the values for which the new South Africa stands and the goals for which we strive;It actively promotes the equality of all South Africans and prohibits unfair discrimination of any kind. It entrenches our right to practice our religion and to speak and educate our children in the language and cultural traditions of our choice. This is also especially important for cultural, political and religious minorities. The majority can usually secure its interests through its control of Parliament and the levers of state power. Minorities on the other hand are often dependent on the Constitution and the law for the protection of their most important interests.It provides a blueprint for peace, justice and harmony that was freely negotiated and accepted by parties representing substantial majorities from all our communities. This is particularly important for a country like South Africa, with a complex population and a history of division and conflict