Wednesday 3rd june 2015

Time : 11:45am

Dear diary,

I  never feel so much happy and content than i feel with my grand parents.
With them i feel the most happiest on the earth.I love to celebrate diwali with my grandparents. i always celebrate my diwali with them.The five days of diwali are the happiest moments of my life.During diwali all our relatives gather in one place,i.e, in my grandparents house.Actually, they are only responsible for bringing us together in a occassion.We all celebrate together.It is truly a sensory experience.we all decorate our house together along with sharing love and enthusiasm.
Those spending time with my grand parents are the most wonderful moments of my life.It's great to see smile on my grandparents face because of me. i wish that my grandparents stay with me forever.

i feel very happy and content with them. I love my grand parents.

too late wanted it last month