Edward Morgan Forster is a famous English writer and is well known for his novels "Howard's End" and "A Passage to India". He was also the author of a book of criticism, some novels, two biographies, as well as many essays and short stories.Forster was a Bloomsbury's Group member. That group consisted of philosophers, writers and artists who lived in London and supported the modernist movement at the beginning of the 20th century. E. M. Forster was born in London, but he lived in the countryside of Herforshire. While he was a student of King's College, in Cambridge, he felt a great interest to other cultures and that is why he traveled a lot afterwards. In 1912 he went to India where his observations and experiences gave him a lot of materials which he used lately writing his famous novel "A Passage to India" (1924). It is the book that he mentions about in the first paragraph of "My Wood." Forester's fiction works often describe the impact of social conventions on common human relationships.