This is the story of a professional boxer who has a very intelligent son.  The boy is ten years old and works hard at his studies.  He is a very civilized boy.  Both the boxer and his wife are proud of him.  But they think that the boy would feel humiliated if he came to know that his father was a mere boxer.  To them boxing was not a respectable profession.  So they take all care that the boy doesn’t come to know of his father’s profession.  They tell him that he is a commercial traveller.  But in the end of the story, the boy comes to know that his father is a well-known boxer.  He feels no humility at all in it.  Rather, he expresses a sense of great pride in it.  He had always longed to have a picture of Young Porky, the famous boxer, who now he knows is his own pa. Answer the following:1.What was strange about the manner in which Mrs. Bramble addressed her son?  What did he feel about it?Ans. While addressing her son, Mrs. Bramble would refer to herself in the third person.  For example, Harold would say to her mother, “Will you hear me?”  Then the mother would say, “Yes. Mother will hear you, precious.”  This was something strange about her.  Harold felt irritated about this manner of her mother addressing him.  He did not want to be talked to as if he were a little boy.