Harold had defied the Bramble laws of hereditary by excelling in academics rather than in sports. His father was a professional heavy weight boxer, while he, at the age of 10, had taken the spelling and dictation prize last term on his head. A spectacled child who was so devoted to his books, such a model of behaviour, so altogether admirable. And it was this that led his parents, who were lovers of truth, to conceal the fact of his father's profession. When Harold was a baby, it had not mattered much; however, when he grew with such fine intellect, into a model of goodness, even the senior curate of the parish suggested Mrs. and Mr. Bramble to keep the truth from Harold. It was a possible negative effect on his academics and the idea of the fact bringing embarrassment to Harold that everybody feared, made them all to behave in the fashion. However, when the truth was revealed all were taken aback by the way Harold felt so proud that it was his father after all who was named "Young Porky". Human mind sometimes travels beyond the possible and imagines and fears more than necessary.

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