1: Follow a routine
2: Start your day early
3: Make a list
4: Accept the problem
5: Care for yourself
6: Meditate
7: Just relax
8: Don't multi-task
9: Remove distractions
10: Concentrate
 11: Question yourself
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In order to live a stress free health, you can perform the below mentioned things when you feel internally that you are being stressed:

1). Meditate
2). Call a friend and talk to them and share the old memories and it will take you to the childhood
3). you can go for a long drive
4). can go for a movie
5). start a small exercise , like walking to the terrace
6). Sleep well that is have a great sleep
7). walk on the garden barefoot
8)search for the best picnic spots and start planning with the friends.
9) take deep breathe at what ever place you are sitting by closing the eyes
10)you can splash your face with water and talk to yourself
11) Using any social network sites or brainly and think about the questions answer