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Nervous co-od:
1.Sends information as an electrical impulse through a network of neurons.
2.Information travels rapidly, in milliseconds.
3.Information is directed to only specific part of the network.
4.It is processed immediately.
5.Short-lived effect.
6.Governed by CNS (encephalon and myelon).
7.Example- Feeling of cold, when in contact with ice.
Hormonal co-od:
1.Sends information as a chemical messenger via the blood stream.
2.Information travels slowly.
3.Information is spread throughout the body, but only target cells/organs are affected.
4.It is processed slowly.
5.More prolonged effect.
6.Governed by Glands(endo+exocrine glands).
7.Example- Fear, caused by secretion of adrenaline.
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